Mold Cleaning

DISOL 1 for Ultrasonic cleaning tank
RD 150 for Ultrasonic cleaning tan
HOT CLEAN 534 hot molds cleaning
FOSFATAL Mold whitening
SOLV 4 No-odour and no-toxic solvent
DW 108 Mold protectori
DW-429 Mold protector

We suggest DISOL 1 for cleaning molds in ultrasonic machines when dirtness and contamination comes from compounds like natural rubber, FKM, red silicone. Disol 1 is alcaline and biodegradable, safe an all metals and in accordance with current regulations. Bring temperature around 80° at 30% of water, excellentresults with chrome plated molds.

We suggest RD 150 for cleaning molds in ultrasonic machines when they are very dirty by EPDM rubber and other similar compounds. Is a neutral color very alcaline and concentrated, biodegradable in accordance with current regulations. Bring temperature of the solution 50%
water 50% RD 150 around 80°. In same cases can be used even with room temperature.

Suitable for perfect hot molds cleaning HOT CLEAN 534 is a special product with new receipe to clean molds and cavities, to remove rubber cured and resins contaminations residuals. It is based by organic solvents highly wet : it disrupts and remove as well is capable to dissolve mastics, plastics, pigments, rubbers etc. It allows easy cleaning of metal surfaces like die cut tools, molds, cupping heads, welding bars, retraction tunnels, ovens etc. Best performance are gained spraying it  on contamination to be removed. After few seconds it penetrates in the contamination and disrupts to make easy the following cleaning operations.

We suggest FOSFATAL, blue colour acid base with special corrosion inhibitors, for mold whitening. It must be mixed 50% with water at room temperature. When discharged must be remixed at 5% with water to keep biodegradibility.

SOLV 4 is VEMA product for spray or manual cleaning. It is a no-odour, no-toxic solvent best for indoor applications. Very efficient to remove the agent protecting tool stored.

DW 108 and DW-429 (dewatering action) are the best VEMA choices for tool protection, they are very long-lasting, no-acid and very suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.