Antisticking Agents for Rubber Molding

DST-EPX 100 available spray
DST-EPX 50 available spray
OSAKA 100 available liquid form
OSAKA 50 avaliable spray
TFN L60 available spray
DST-SN 104 available spray
RESIL available liquid form
VE.MA 36 available liquid form
COMPOUND: FKM, Silicone, HNBR, EPDM, natural, NBR, special silicones and special compound, rubber to metal bonding

We suggest the use of new version DST-EPX 100, FREE of silicone, because it does not leave signs or contamination on the mold and guarantees several easy removals of products from the mold. DST-EPX 100 in spray form is ready for use while is also available in liquid form mixable with water (from 10% to 100%) for special automatic spraying systems and applications (OSAKA 100/ OSAKA 50 version).

Excellent results are obtained both by compression and injection molding. It is advisable to spray the agent when mold have reached the running temperature. The best results are gained when temperatures are high. A low cost version is also available by DST EPX 50 when specifications are not so strict and cost efficiency is the main aspect. For special applications can be advisable to use TFN L60 (teflon base) in spray form.

For easy demolding is available model DSTSN 104 in spray form as well as liquid one by type STACLUBE.
In some cases is not possible to add several time antisticking agent on the tool surface so VEMA have been able to design a dedicated product called RESIL wich receipe contains different kind of resins. It is enough to apply RESIL on a cold tool pefectly clean and then wait it
goes to temperature in between 150° and 200°, in this way the surface is completely protected for aperiod of time as long as 8 hours.

This cover protects the tool as well but is very important to apply it after a proper and professional cleaning.
For rubber cutting we suggest VE.MA 36 silicone base or alternative solution MINERAL water based.
In rubber extrusion we offer a very performing agent to avoid rubber to stick together, it is enough one drop of our WN-60 in the tank to guarantee very long trouble free work.