Antisticking Agents for Rubber Molding

DST-EPX 100 available spray
DST-EPX 50 available spray
OSAKA 100 available liquid form
OSAKA 50 avaliable spray
TFN L60 available spray
DST-SN 104 available spray
RESIL available liquid form
VE.MA 36 available liquid form
COMPOUND: FKM, Silicone, HNBR, EPDM, natural, NBR, special silicones and special compound, rubber to metal bonding

We suggest the use of new version DST-EPX 100, FREE of silicone, ...

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Mold Cleaning

DISOL 1 for Ultrasonic cleaning tank
RD 150 for Ultrasonic cleaning tan
HOT CLEAN 534 hot molds cleaning
FOSFATAL Mold whitening
SOLV 4 No-odour and no-toxic solvent
DW 108 Mold protectori
DW-429 Mold protector

We suggest DISOL 1 for cleaning molds in ultrasonic machines when dirtness and contamination comes from compounds like natural rubber, FKM, red silicone. Disol 1 is alcaline and biodegradable, safe an ...

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